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New Virtualbox image for SOA/BPM - first impressions

We have been waiting for the new Virtualbox Image for a long time, and finally it is here. The appliance has improved in many ways since last release, so it has been worth waiting for. Both the appliance itself and the documentation is excellent. It is evident that Oracle has listened to feedback on the previous release, and I think the developer VMs are useful. Especially the adoption of new patchsets and versions (ex when 12c will be available) will gain a lot from quick getting hands-on experiences. This VirtualBox appliance is a multipurpose image which can be used in different domain configurations. The image has a number of pre-configured domains that you can use depending on your need. The image can be set up so that it requires use of as few resources as possible, you can for instance easily disable B2B if you do not need it, or you can shut down the desktop console and save 600MB. It is important to say that this image is not for production purposes.

The image contains the following:

  • Oracle Database Express Edition 11.2.0
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Oracle BPM Suite 11g
  • Oracle JDeveloper 11g
  • Oracle Webcenter Suite 11g
  • Oracle Universal Content Management 11g
  • Oracle Linux 64 bit EL 5 Update 5
  • Oracle JRockit R28.2.0-79-146777-1.6.0_29s
  • Oracle Java SDK 1.6.0_29-b11

Here is the new graphical console (in Norwegian):

There are 5 different domain configurations that are available:

Name Description Requirements for PC
dev_bpm This domain is configured using the development template for SOA and BPM, which targets all the SOA and BPM applications to the AdminServer. Minimum of 3 GB and 1 CPU, if running only the AdminServer with SOA and BPM
Minimum of 4 GB and 2 CPUs, if running all the three servers
dev_bpm_spaces This domain is configured using the development template for SOA+BPM and extended to contain UCM, Webcenter Collaboration and Webcenter Spaces. Minimum of 6GB and 2 CPUs.
wc_spaces This domain is configured with Webcenter Spaces and has BPM Process spaces installed in it. It is configured to work with the VirtualBox instance with dev_bpm domain installed. Minimum of 5GB and 2 CPUs
dev_soa This domain is configured using the development template for SOA Minimum of 2 GB and 1 CPU, if running only the AdminServer with SOA
Minimum of 4 GB and 2 CPUs, if running AdminServer, BAM as well as JDeveloper
dev_soa_osb This domain is configured using the development template for SOA and Service Bus  

You can download the Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite 11g from here.


You should read the excellent documentation - it is a 50 page document that describes how you install and how you can use the image. You need to download 7 2GB files to get the image, so that might take some time. I have used VirtualBox 4.1.14 for Windows, and you should have a powerful PC - I have 12GB RAM, but 8GB is probably OK for many of the domain configurations. For some images it is advised to have 2 CPUs. You will need approximately 30GB disk space. As I mentioned the documentation is excellent, so I will not repeat what is there - just add my personal notes and experiences/tips.

One thing that is important is that you need to enable hardware virtualization in your PC BIOS. You will  probably need administrator rights on your PC, and you might come across many different ways on how you enable this for the different vendors.

Things take time -  after the downloading and unzipping the files, the import of the appliance took 15 minutes on my PC. You should also prepare that things take time when using the VM - but the good news are that there are ways to save time - for instance you can pause the image for next time. That is useful when you can expect the starting time to be in the range of 10-20 minutes for the larger domains.

After installing the appliance and choosing domain, I wanted to adjust to my Norwegian keyboard, language and time settings - here is where you can do this if you are not on west coast USA:

System Administration >> Keyboard >> Norwegian (or your choice of keyboard..)
System Administration >> Language >> Norwegian
System Preference >> Keyboard Preferences

You will need to log out and log in before the changes are activated.

If you have trouble with USB - it is very easy to download the extension here: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.1.14/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.14-77440.vbox-extpack

Here are some of the great features with this image:

I have one suggestion and that is to make more easy to inspect the embedded LDAP server by changing the default credentials. I have used Jan's blog: http://jvzoggel.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/weblogic-embedded-ldap-with-an-external-ldap-client/ and changed to the default password.

dev_bpm >> Security >> Embedded LDAP

Change the (default generated) password (for example: welcome1)

You will have to restart

I was not able to use an LDAP browser from my PC on port 7001, so I installed Apache Directory Studio on the appliance:


Now you can look at the users and groups included.

This new image is a huge step - this will be very useful in many settings : as developer VM, as a quick enablement for a POC of as a training environment for SOA / BPM. A huge thanks to Oracle for improving this appliance, and I hope the community can give feedback so that also the next release will contain improvements.

My wish is that there will also be a domain dev_bpm_osb - I like to see OSB in all architectures, and in demonstrations and trainings it would be useful. I also believe some documentation on how the James server can be utilized will be useful. It must not be in the documentation, but the Appliance home page could for instance point to relevant blog posts or whitepapers.