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Book review: BPEL and Java Cookbook

I have read the book BPEL and Java Cookbook by Jurij Laznik (PACKT), and I like it. It covers the basics well, has some chapters on logging that I find useful, but should had dedicated a chapter to the Spring Component.

Book Details
Link to PACKT and Amazon
Language :  English
Paperback : 382 pages
Release Date : September 2013
ISBN : 1849689202
ISBN 13 : 9781849689205
Author(s) : Jurij Laznik

Sources for learning the Robot Framework

Inspired by Mark Nelson's work on "A Roadmap for SOA Development and Delivery" I wanted to get more familiar with the Robot Framework which can be used for Acceptance Testing. Mark has written a "first look"  and "Writing a Robot Remote Library" that shows how we can extend the framework. While writing this post he also published a Maven/Robot/Selenium-example.

I have read the book “Robot Framework Test Automation”  from PACKT (83 pages). As an introduction the book is ok, but I feel there are other sources out there that describes the topics better. I also feel that it lacks the advanced topics/depth I expected. I think the book should have more examples, and maybe introducing the underlying concepts with some good examples would make it easier to understand the content. I like Chapter 4 best which is about extending the framework (Selenium for web-apps,Swing for desktop-apps and Sikuli for images). For me a SOA-chapter would make the book more relevant.

Book Review: Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration

Before last OOW my only experience with Oracle B2B was Ronald van Luttikhuizen's presentation at OUGN this year. After some sessions at OOW, and reading this book on the plane back I now know more about it. Unfortunately I do not have any practical project experience yet.

I like this book - it gives a good summary of what B2B is and what the Oracle B2B product can do. Not all of you will come across B2B, but when you need it - then you really need it. B2B functionality is not something you would like to code yourself from scratch. I like that it is a "Hands-On Tutorial", so you can try it out using the virtual image of the Oracle SOA Suite patch release PS5 (

Here are the book details:

Publisher: PACKT
Title: Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A Hands-On Tutorial
Link to site: here
Language :  English
Paperback : 332 pages
Release Date : July 2013
ISBN : 1849688869, ISBN 13 : 9781849688864
Author(s) : Krishnaprem Bhatia, Alan Perlovsky, Scott Haaland

Win A Free Copy of Packt's new book on Oracle : “Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g”

I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing and are organizing a give away especially for you. All you need to do is just comment below the post and win a free copy of  Getting Started with Oracle EventProcessing 11g. Two lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy of the book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.

Book review: Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g

A few months ago I was involved in a POC on Oracle Event Processing (OEP), Oracle NoSQL and BAM. I therefore had to get up to speed on OEP by reading the documentation and getting some hands-on-experience. If this book had been available at that time - it would have helped me a lot. The book covers what you need to know. It gives you a detailed description on the topics that may be difficult to understand, and leads you safely to the next topics. It is written by key Oracle personnel (Architect/Product Managers for Oracle Event Processing): Alexandre Alves, Robin J. Smith and Lloyd Williams.


Book title: Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g
340 pages, eBook
Publisher: PACKT
Link Packt: http://www.packtpub.com/getting-started-with-oracle-event-processing-11g/book
Link Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-Oracle-Event-Processing/dp/1849684545

Release Date : March 2013
ISBN : 1849684545
ISBN 13 : 9781849684545
Author(s) : Alexandre Alves, Robin J. Smith, Lloyd Williams

The book is well written and is far better than the documentation in many ways. For instance it tells about the background of the product, Event Processing in general, shows you some sample applications and what comes next. It shows how to use it for both simple cases and for more advanced cases.

Event Processing (Fast data) is for:
– support on-line analysis of rapidly changing data streams
– data stream: real-time, continuous, ordered sequence of items, too large to store entirely, not ending
– continuous queries

Fast data operates in the milliseconds-area, and you want to get relevant information when it happens, and not after it has happened. I believe that 2013 is the year when this product will be much more in use. Oracle Event Processing is a hidden Gem within in the SOA Suite - it is part of the package if you allready have licenced SOA Suite. OEP is now also available in an embedded version so that processing can be performed in the sensors - this will reduce that amount of data that need to be transfered.

Book review: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos

I have read this book, and it deserves a recommendation.

Book title: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos
Paperback (394 pages), eBook
Release Date : December 2012
ISBN : 1849684782
ISBN 13 : 9781849684781
Author : Porus Homi Havewala (Oracle Certified Master)
PACKT link: here , Amazon link: here

I think Enterprise Manager (or Cloud Control) now is definately something one should consider be using. The functionality, stability and performance is significantly better in the latest release. Making it possible to update the plugins outside of the regular release schedule for Cloud Control eases the uptake of new versions or products. And this is exactly what it is for - monitoring and simplifying administration of all components in your infrastructure.

This book focues on Core Cloud Control functions, and configuration management, provisioning and patching. I have seen the test data management and data masking demonstrated, but this book descibes this more in depth. It also has a chapter on Exadata management, and some real-life examples.

My thoughts on Oracle BPM Suite Case Management

BPM is a major release with lots of new functionality. My impression is that this is one of the releases that people really have looked forward to (for a long time). Therefore a lot of content has been written - here are some of my favorite blogs/docs on the new features:

ORACLE BPM SUITE 11G - Bruce Silver Associates Industry Trend Reports
Independent Expertise in BPM February 2013

What's New in BPM (Oracle)


Mark Nelson - What's new in BPM


Oracle SOA Partner Community Award

Thursday I got some great news from Faro, Portugal - I have been awarded the

Oracle SOA Partner Community Award
Outstanding SOA 11g Contribution 2012
Jon Petter Hjulstad - eVita 

"We would like to congratulate you for the SOA Partner Community Award 2012.
Thanks to you and your whole team for the wonderful contribution! Great to see
eVita to deliver so many SOA 11g projects and to grow and adopt the surrounding
middleware technologies. Would like to mention also the WebLogic 12c reference
you achieved. Was a pleasure to start together with you the middleware track at
the Norwegian user group conference. Thanks for all your contribution as a
active member in our SOA and BPM Community!

Congratulations Jürgen Kress

Fusion Middleware Proactive Patching

Many of you have probably wondered which are the appropriate patches for your SOA Suite or BPM Suite installation. The answer would normally be that it depends on your use of the software and which bugs you have encountered. Oracle has listened to feedback from customers and partners, and the solution is called Fusion Middleware Proactive Patching. The ideas have been there for database and Weblogic, but is now there for FMW also. For those of you familiar with SOA Suite 10g it was there by the name of MLR.

This will give you a way to avoid the bugs that others have encountered and that there is already a fix for. You will also know that this patch is tested together with the other patches. One other advantage is that you now will know when the next Bundle Patch is released so that you can coordinate and plan all your patching activities.

New Virtualbox image for SOA/BPM - first impressions

We have been waiting for the new Virtualbox Image for a long time, and finally it is here. The appliance has improved in many ways since last release, so it has been worth waiting for. Both the appliance itself and the documentation is excellent. It is evident that Oracle has listened to feedback on the previous release, and I think the developer VMs are useful. Especially the adoption of new patchsets and versions (ex when 12c will be available) will gain a lot from quick getting hands-on experiences. This VirtualBox appliance is a multipurpose image which can be used in different domain configurations. The image has a number of pre-configured domains that you can use depending on your need. The image can be set up so that it requires use of as few resources as possible, you can for instance easily disable B2B if you do not need it, or you can shut down the desktop console and save 600MB. It is important to say that this image is not for production purposes.

The image contains the following:

  • Oracle Database Express Edition 11.2.0
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g
  • Oracle BPM Suite 11g
  • Oracle JDeveloper 11g
  • Oracle Webcenter Suite 11g
  • Oracle Universal Content Management 11g
  • Oracle Linux 64 bit EL 5 Update 5
  • Oracle JRockit R28.2.0-79-146777-1.6.0_29s
  • Oracle Java SDK 1.6.0_29-b11

Here is the new graphical console (in Norwegian):